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T3445   Mahogany End Table
BQ4306A-MH   Mahogany Mirror
BP19443A-MH   Mahogany ornate double bed
BP19443B-MH   Mahogany ornate night table
BP19443E-MH   Mahogany ornate vanity seat
BP3571-MH   Mahogany server cabnet
MG111   Majestic
MG111D23   Majestic in three colors
TQ00018   Male miniature doll
TQ00008   Man miniature doll
TQ5939   Maple Garden Set
MG169   Marcus Damask Stripe
MG123   Marusia Stripe
MG207D2   Maxi Bear
BQ1090-set   Maxion Parlor Set
TQt5031   Medicine Cabinet 5031
BPD107   Meg by Brodnax
BQ1005-set   Merry Garden Set in Black
MG104D   Mini Sampler 1/2-inch scale
MG108   Mini-Moire
MG85   Mini-Roosevelt Rose
LB-033-053-BP   Miniature Books -Beatrix Potter Children Classics
LB-061-062-BN   Miniature Books Bronte Novels
LB-055-64-LMA   Miniature Books by Louisa May Alcott Little Women Series
CE1763100   Miniature Brass Doorknocker by Clare Bell Brass
CE1784100   Miniature Brass Log Carrier Clare Bell Brass
CE1767100   Miniature Brass Square Mirror Clare Bell Brass
CE1728100   Miniature Inkwell by Clare Bell Brass
TS00080   Miniature modern doll family & accessories.
LB-1169-1172   Miniature Paper Dolls -Beloved Women
LB-1152-1160   Miniature Paper Dolls- Fashion
CE1779100   Miniature Shop Howdy Door Bell Clare Bell Brass
T6396   Modern bathroom sink in white 6396
AZD6405T   Modern bathroom toilet white 6394
DH0310   Modern Family with baby Caco Miniature Doll
HW2311   Modern Floor Lamp-Chrome with drum shade-Battery Powered
T6395   Modern Tub in White 6395
BBCDD264   Mother & Grandmother Plates 1 inch Miniature Scale
4137BR   Mother Cat with babies
LB-076-090-ND   Nancy Drew Mystries Miniature Books
Cla70133   Narrow Door Interior/Exterior 1 inch Scale 70133
MG195   Natasha
BB10RN   Natural Bamboo Roll Up Shade for Miniature Window
BB10D   Natural Bamboo Roll-up Shade for Miniature Door
BB10PN   Natural Bamboo Roman Shade for Miniature Window
SKYCO03   Nesting bowls miniature Fiesta Style
HW13101   New England Settle Kit
BQ2614-RD-set   NEW-Vintage Tie Silks Deco Suites Red Parlor Set
BPPQ109   Nice Parquet Flooring Kit 1 inch scale
BPPQ209   Nice Parquet Flooring Kit 1/2 scale
LLA212.5   Night Stand 1/2 Scale white
mh5957   Nile Green No Wax Marble 1" square vinyl flooring sheets
MG222D2   Noah's Ark
MG1562   Ogee Lace
BQ3816   Olde Time Confection Counter
BQ3816-set   Olde Time Confection Counter Set
BQ3817-set   Olde Time Display Counter Set
CLA05578   Opryland Door Handle Dollhouse Hardware Classics by Handley
HW1139   Opryland Doorhandle 1 inch scale by Houseworks
BB10RO   Orange Bamboo Roll Up Shade for Miniature Window
EIWF128   Ornate Crib in White
BP6223-MH   Ornate Seat in mahagany
T8034   Oval Porcelain Mirror 8034
T3325   Oval Tea Table
HW6016   Palladian Split Door 1 inch Scale 6016
SLIM20   Pansy Simulated Leaded window glass 1 inch scale Miniature
BQ2680-white   Park Avenue Bed 6 Piece Set White
MUL2117   Parrot
AZEPMC007   Parrot Poly Macaw
MG221D   Passion Flower
BPT303   Patina by Drodnax
FVT21   Patina Silk Fabric -Brodnax Prints
TQS8507   Patio Table 4 Chairs in white
T7256   Pecan Gazebo
MG163   Perriwig
MG146   Petite Fleur
BQ8141C   Phyfe Canned Sofa Set
MG219D   Picket Fence
CLA10584   Pie Crust End table
MH5304   Pink & white vinyl flooring sheets
WN617   Pink Bouquet
CED07   Pink Diamond Cotton Fabric -Brodnax Prints
WN090   Pink Floral Stripe Moire
MH5911   Pink Hex vinyl flooring sheets
mh5955   Pink No Wax Marble 1" square vinyl flooring sheets
FVT07   Plaid Teal Silk Fabric -Brodnax Prints
HW1116   Plain Brass Door Knob 1 inch scale by Houseworks
MG188D2   Playland Toile
RGT-PS99201   Playscale Country 6 Room Dollhouse Kit for 11 inch dolls
RGT-PS00074   Playscale Quickbuild 6 Room Townhouse Dollhouse Kit
RGT-PS99301   Playscale Victorian 6 Room Town house Dollhouse Kit
kkp0009   Porcelain Floral Vase
TQT6295   Porcelain Bath Room 4 piece set 6295
CLA91401   Porcelain Bath Room Ivory design 91401
TQG9311   Porcelain Bath Room set 9311
N7010   Porcelain Bud Vase
a1678   Porcelain Bud Vase oval1678
a1677   Porcelain Bud Vase round 1677
a1672   Porcelain bud Vase set 1672
N7109   Porcelain Fench Floral Vase 7109
kkp0007   Porcelain Floral trim Vase
kkp0006   Porcelain Floral Vase double handle
N7110   Porcelain French Floral Vase 7110
n7018   Porcelain Pink Orchid Vase 7018
N7154   Porcelain Roma Planter 7154
N7136   Porcelain Rose garden planters 7136
N7135   Porcelain Rose round planters 7135
N7148   Porcelain Victorian Planter 7148
N7133   Porcelain Water Lily Vase 7133
N7114   Porcelain white square planter 7114
WN1135   Portuguese Needlepoint Felt Printed Rug - Miniature 5x7 -inches
WN777   Posies on Sand
TQG8620   Power Lawnmower
BP308   Pripartite
HW1105   Provincial Brass Door Knob Dollhouses Miniature Hardware
FCA1012   Pug sitting
CE1754200   Punch Bowl Set 1 inch scale Clare Bell Brass
MG210   Purrfect Kitties
HM40013   Queen Anne Candle Stand Kit
HM40008   Queen Anne Round Tilt-Top Table Kit
TQA0739   Rabbit Hutch
MG1572   Raffina
BQ1025   Rainy Day Breakfront
T3552   Reating Table
BB10RR   Red Bamboo Roll Up Shade for Miniature Window
MG1552   Reflections
G9855M   Renaissance Youth Bed
BQ6210-3-FPRS   Rene French Provincial Set
CFR02   Reverse Toile-Red Cotton Fabric -Brodnax Prints
MG1542   Rio Dante
MD2463   Road Trip Wooden Car & Pose-able Passengers
SLIM15   Robin Simulated Leaded window glass 1 inch scale Miniature
HW13009   Rocking Cradle Chippendale Style Kit
MI337   Rocking Horse
D5298   Roll Top Desk
HW13019   Rolled Arm Sofa Chippendale Style Kit
CKT65   Rooster Cotton Fabric -Brodnax Prints
MG2670R   Rose Plush Carpet- large
SLIM01   Rose door Simulated Leaded window glass 1 inch scale Miniature
WN121   Rose Floral Beige
MG2670c   Rose Plush Carpet
SLIM21   Rose Simulated Leaded window glass 1 inch scale Miniature
MGD234   Rosevelt Rose
BP5042-MH   Round Mahogany Table
TQG8621   Rural Mail Box B/W
NMH9   Russian Laquer -Chest Natasha Mini Decoupage kit
HW6029   Saloon Door 1 inch Scale 6029
MG215D   Sam's Corner
MG49D   Sampler 1-inch scale
TQ00074   Santa miniature doll
MG180   Seascape
HW13004-5   Secretary Top & Desk Chippendale Style
HW13005   Secretary Top Chippendale Style Kit
HW13107   Shaker Dry Sink Colonial Style Kit
LB-SH1-32   Shakespeare Miniature Scale Classics
TQ00072   Shop Keeper miniature doll
MG162   Shrewsbury
1428SB   Siamese Kitten and fish bowl
M9031   Side by side Appliance Set
HW13016   Side Table Chippendale Style Kit
CE1710200   Silver Bud Vase i inch scale by Clare Bell Brass
CE1705200   Silver Finish Fruit Bowl 1 inch scale Clare Bell Brass
HW6022   Single French Door 1 inch Scale 6022
IM65273   Sitting Cats-
BBCDD9   Six Fruit Design Plates 1 inch Miniature Scale
CLA10491   Sm Lamp End table
HW43101   Small Brass Chippendale Plate and Bail 1 inch scale
HW12005   Small Brass Drawer Knobs 1 inch scale miniatures
IM652615   Small Cats-
A2894BR   Small Patio Set Brown
HW7329   Small white hex pattern vinyl flooring sheets
A213.5   Small White Mirror
HW12007   Small Wood Drawer Pull 1 inch scale miniatures
HW7330   Small yellow hex pattern vinyl flooring sheets
MG61010c   Snow White Plush Carpet
MG189   Society Gardens
MG203   Sonata 3 shades
CE1729110   Spike Candlestick miniature scale Clare Bell Gold
HW6031   Split 6 Panel Interior 1 inch Scale 6031
MG220D   Spring Pallette
BPT301   St George by Drodnax
FVT19   St George Silk Fabric -Brodnax Prints
BP108B-109B   St. Elizabeth & Duchess blue
BP108P-109P   St. Elizabeth & Duchess pink
cla75032   Standard Non Working Window
FCA3367   Standing King Charles black
WN631   Strawberry Sherbet
WN443   Stripe in Beige and Rose
WN1151   Summer Bounty Felt Printed Rug - Miniature 5x8-inches
T4304   Swivel Desk Chair
TQ10406   Swivel Desk Chair
MG213D   Symphony Stripe
HW2302   Table Lamp- Brass Hurricane
HW2325   Table Lamp- Copper Hurricane
HW2326   Table Lamp- Frosted Tulip Hurricane
HW2303   Table Lamp- Ornate Brass
HW2331   Table Lamp- Tiffany
AC105   Tall Wicker Basket
BB10RT   Tan Bamboo Roll Up Shade for Miniature Window
MG211D   Tara Swag

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